After many months of work – adding, editing and fine tuning the content, the Sacred Tears website has finally gone live.

When I sat down with my friend Iris Brinkman many months ago to discuss building a website, I never envisaged that it would end up as it did. Iris is the founder of Techno Marketing, a specialist marketing services company and creative agency who understands what it takes to develop a website that is interactive, informative and intriguing.

Of course my goals changed as we got deeper into it and the website ended up not just as a site to promote the book, but to give readers a place to learn about the events and places I write about. And along the way we decided to use the website to showcase what a paradise Sri Lanka really is.

The end result is fantastic! Iris, Chris and the rest of her team at Techno Marketing have done a brilliant job. Some comments from visitors … the website is truly a masterpiece. I love it! It seems very well organised – logical and easy to navigate. Beautiful design! Enticing, layered and like there would be more for me there next time I went back. It looks absolutely fantastic … I believe we have hit a homerun with the website!

I am not a published author, yet! But I know that having an online presence, where people can learn about me and what I am writing about, will be key to establishing credibility as an author.

I should find out soon enough?