Egg rulang

A gentle scramble of egg with lightly fried sliced onions, green chilli and curry leaves



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Esala poya is the full moon day in the lunar month of Esala (in July). Esala commemorates the deliverance of the first sermon to the five ascetics and setting in motion the Wheel of the Dhamma at Sarnath Benares, India.

There are twelve or thirteen poya days per year. Their names correspond to the Buddhist lunar months of the same name. They are VesākPosonEsalaNikiniBinaraVapIllUnduvapDuruthuNavamMedin and Bak.

If a month has two full moon days, the name of the second one is preceded by Adhi (meaning extra in Sinhala) as in Adhi Esala poya, etc.


Pali, Sanskrit, Sinhalese

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