As an author, I am always looking to spread the word about my book in any way I can.

Interactive websites, blogs, social media and networking sites are communication channels of choice. But the traditional means of communication such as print, radio and TV, although used less frequently, are not completely dead. AM/FM radio being one of the most common and affordable advertising media was a  place I decided to explore as a communication channel right from the very beginning.

I made sure that my publishing package with AuthorHouse included a live interview on a nationally syndicated, US business radio talk show in Boston hosted by Stu Taylor.  He uses the radio broadcasting medium to help people and organisations with their public relations, media relations and investor relations.

The interview was 1:00am in the morning for me (9:00am the previous morning in Boston) and I had to dose myself with coffee and sweets to remain awake and alert. The interview lasted about 10 minutes and Stu’s questions were well researched and to the point.


But what really interested me was a call I received a few days prior to this interview from the producer of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Australia’s multicultural and multilingual broadcaster. The producer had heard about my book being released and wanted to interview me on the Sinhala program which aired on AM/FM and Digital radio across the country.

The producer got quite excited when she realised that I could speak Sinhalese and wanted me to do the whole interview in the language. Not as confident in my ability as she seemed to be, I quickly convinced her that while I could speak the language quite well at a basic level, I was was not capable of handling a whole interview quite so fluently. She finally relented and the interview was recorded in English. She emailed me the audio package a few days later and I found the way it was handled on air to be quite interesting. While the actual broadcast was in Sinhalese, the producer used my recorded English responses to her questions as a background while she translated what I said in Sinhala. It was well done and I was very pleased with the end result.


I believe that authors should explore radio as a way to promote their books and build their brand. It’s a great communication channel that should be utilised more often.