I have never been busier since retiring from corporate life.

Having Sacred Tears released and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the AuthorHouse online bookstore made me want to start writing again. I have outlined the next book in the trilogy and I am anxious to get started.

But that’s not been the case. Dealing with my publisher doesn’t mean that I am talking to only one person. There is the book consultant, the marketing consultant and the book publicist, all who have a role to play in the release of Sacred Tears. I have had to approve design elements in a book marketing kit and a book signing kit which are being printed and shipped to me. Prepare questions and responses for a radio interview and I am working with an SEO writing consultant to attract visitors to my website.

The number of emails I am receiving daily have quadrupled. Friends and classmates I have kept in touch with over the years, and others I have not, are all writing to me after hearing about the launch of the book. Where can I get a copy? is the question they ask most often and I am glad I have developed the sacredtearsbook.com website to promote the book.

I have been contacted from India and China by companies interested in publishing the book and my blog is getting a few comments which need to be reviewed and responded to. My time is now taken up talking to people who call, or just drop in for a chat about the book. I am on the phone at all hours of the day and night, talking to various people overseas, and of course, I have to respond to all those emails.

It seems that being a published author gives you a level of credibility like nothing else I have ever experienced before.