After many months of isolation I am now ready to face the public and answer questions about the book and why I wrote it. As an author I need to take responsibility for the marketing and promotion of the book.

Ever since Sacred Tears was released online in October, I have been inundated by people from my past who have written or called to congratulate me on the publication of the book. Classmates from Sri Lanka where I was born, who I have been out of touch with for many years, friends and colleagues from all over the world, have all wanted to share in the excitement. The Sacred Tears Facebook page has taken on a life of it’s own in the last few weeks and has raced past 14,000 likes and shows no sign of slowing down.

Book Launch Flyer

Being a Sri Lankan born Australian writer, writing a story set in Sri Lanka, I couldn’t think of a better place to introduce my first book to the reading public than in the country itself. Ever since Sacred Tears was released I had been planning a trip to Sri Lanka to undertake research on the next book in the trilogy. It’s less than a month before I fly into the country and after spending a few weeks traveling around the island I will launch the book on 13th February in Colombo.

Finding the right location was relatively easy. Barefoot Ceylon is a store, bookshop, gallery, cafe, performance space and place to hang out. It has spent many years making a name for itself as a shop that sells the best Sri Lanka has to offer. Bright woven textiles are the hallmark of Barefoot’s wonderful collection of designer products and their store is filled to the brim of these delightful wares. The Barefoot Bookshop is known the world over for its specialist selection of titles by Sri Lankan authors, books on Sri Lanka, exquisite coffee table books on art, architecture and photography; beautifully crafted cutting edge novels, self-help books, travel guides and travel books all carefully chosen to make it a real book lovers bookshop. Out the back is a enchanting courtyard cafe where there’s always great music playing making it one of the most chilled out spots in Colombo!

If you are in Colombo in February, you are welcome to spend the evening with us.