Vap poya is the full moon day in the lunar month of Vap (in October). Vap commemorates the conclusion of The Buddha’s preaching of the Abhidhamma (high teaching of the Buddha) for three months to his mother in the heavenly realm, King Devanampiyatissa of Sri Lanka sending envoys to King Asoka of India requesting him to send his daughter to Sri Lanka to establish the Bhikkhuni Sasana (Order of Nuns).

There are twelve or thirteen poya days per year. Their names correspond to the Buddhist lunar months of the same name. They are VesākPosonEsalaNikiniBinaraVapIllUnduvapDuruthuNavamMedin and Bak.

If a month has two full moon days, the name of the second one is preceded by Adhi (meaning extra in Sinhala) as in Adhi Vap poya, etc.


Pali, Sanskrit, Sinhalese