Sri Lanka

The eastern coastline

Desolate Beach Sri Lanka

As a teenager growing up in Colombo, the eastern coastline of Sri Lanka had always seemed distant and remote. The annual family holiday, when we packed ourselves into the family car and escaped the heat and humidity of Colombo for a fortnight, was always ‘upcountry’ in the cool and misty central highlands. As I grew older […]

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A culinary adventure in the north


It has been said that Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines in South Asia. As a major trading hub on the spice route for thousands of years, traders from around the world brought their native cuisines to the island resulting in a rich diversity of cooking styles and techniques. The island has also drawn from its […]

The remote islands of Jaffna


The islands off the coast of the Jaffna peninsula have always intrigued me and I promised myself during this trip that I would visit as many of them as I could. Anchored by coral, these sandy islands are surrounded by shallow seas and lagoons not more than a few feet deep. Beaches of sand and coral surround each island […]

Driving around the peninsula


North of the city of Jaffna is a land criss-crossed with small country roads, lined with palmyrah fenced gardens and smallholdings in which the peninsulas famous mangoes are grown. This belt of fertile land produces a wide variety of cash crops including chillies, onions, bananas, jackfruit, tobacco and grapes. Vegetables such as brinjal, tomato, long bean, okra, snake gourd, bitter […]

Visiting Jaffna


WomanInSariGoing back to Jaffna after 32 years was something I was looking forward to. I remembered it as a sleepy place, quite different to what I was used to living in Colombo, and it was a world away from New York, where I was staying at the time.

The intervening years has seen Jaffna and it’s people subjected to a […]

My next trip to Sri Lanka

Now that the book is out and word has spread far and wide, I have received a number of invitations, from here in Australia and from Sri Lanka, to attend launches and functions to promote the book.

Visiting Sri Lanka in the past has been all about visiting relatives and friends, and introducing the wonders of the island to my son who was born in Australia, and to others who […]

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