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Book sales

Now that Sacred Tears is published I am very interested in knowing how it’s doing.

My publisher has given me access to an author portal which gives me a report on how many books they have sold through their own bookstore. But online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders keep their sales a closely held secret.

Having been a customer of Amazon for many years, I knew that they […]

Holding the book …

I was excited to receive by UPS yesterday, the author copies of Sacred Tears.

Holding the paperback and hardback versions in my hands was the realisation of a long standing dream to become a published author.

There is a saying that everyone has a story in them, but I was once told that most people would be best advised to keep it there.

Writing Sacred Tears made me realise just how hard […]

Promoting Sacred Tears

I don’t believe for one minute that by just putting out a book it will sell magically.

Getting the book ready for publication was a steep learning curve and now that Sacred Tears is days away from being available for sale in online bookshops, my thoughts have turned to marketing.

A few months ago after much deliberation I decided to go electronic over print. The basic premise was by publishing online, I […]

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Finding the right price …

Now that the final galleys are ready for production, the discussion I am having with my publisher has changed to pricing. Gone are the days when an author could leave it up to the publisher to decide how much to charge. Self publishing means that I have get into the nitty-gritty of setting a price for my eBook.

There are many online articles and blogs which talk about this subject and […]

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Blogging …

When I approached my friend and former business partner Iris Brinkman earlier this year to discuss ways of promoting the book I was writing, one of the things that she proposed was that I start a blog.

Never having been a blogger in my life, I took this as a challenge and have attempted to write down my thoughts as I went through the process of writing, rewriting and publishing Sacred […]

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Proofs are ready …

The pre-production team at AuthorHouse have completed the first proofs of the cover and galley (the book interior) which they sent to me this morning.

It’s now up to me to carefully check both the text and formatting on the files that were emailed to me. Once approved, the finished book will look just like what’s in these files. If there is anything I’d like to change, either in the design […]

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Book launch a month away!

I had a call with my publisher this morning and received the news that Sacred Tears will be ready for both online and print distribution a month from now.

The check-in coordinator from AuthorHouse Publishing assured me that they have all of my final materials, that I have completed the submission process and they are ready to move forward into the production phase.

A design consultant will be taking over as my […]

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Developing a website …

As a first time author, I spent some time researching how to promote the book once it was launched.  What I found was that there are many ways to market a book, but a website promoting the author is one of the most valuable and effective marketing tools a writer can have. Readers or potential readers, in one convenient place, can learn about the book, what makes the author […]

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The importance of reading

One of the most important things I learnt quite early when writing Sacred Tears was to not stop reading.  I was under the mistaken belief that to write, I had to clear my head completely of anything else but what I was writing about.  But Sarah quickly dispelled that thought and asked me to read, read and read some more.  She explained that it is impossible to be a […]

Keeping the reader interested …

One of the many challenges to writing is to keep the reader interested in the narrative. This is so obvious that you may be thinking why I need to even discuss it. The reason I am is that there are many elements to holding the interest of the reader when writing a story.

The setting of the narrative is one of the key elements. In my case, Sacred Tears is […]

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