Pricing and Promotion

Facebook explosion

The last few weeks have seen many people from all over the world Liking and Talking about Sacred Tears on Facebook.

Today the page went past 21,000 Likes which for me was something I had not expected. Looking at the demographics of my fan base, the majority of the Likes have come from the sub-continent, the most coming from India although there is a healthy percent from Pakistan. Eighty percent […]

Global book launch in Sri Lanka

After many months of isolation I am now ready to face the public and answer questions about the book and why I wrote it. As an author I need to take responsibility for the marketing and promotion of the book.

Ever since Sacred Tears was released online in October, I have been inundated by people from my past who have written or called to congratulate me on the publication of […]

Radio interviews …

As an author, I am always looking to spread the word about my book in any way I can.

Interactive websites, blogs, social media and networking sites are communication channels of choice. But the traditional means of communication such as print, radio and TV, although used less frequently, are not completely dead. AM/FM radio being one of the most common and affordable advertising media was a  place I decided to explore […]


Now that the Sacred Tears is out and available for sale in a number of online outlets I have begun to think of building awareness for it.

Online advertising on social media sites allows me to focus on certain demographics and target the ads accordingly. I can target people by location, age, gender, interest, relationship status, language, education and even workplace.

Out of all the social media sites, Facebook in particular […]

Finding the right price …

Now that the final galleys are ready for production, the discussion I am having with my publisher has changed to pricing. Gone are the days when an author could leave it up to the publisher to decide how much to charge. Self publishing means that I have get into the nitty-gritty of setting a price for my eBook.

There are many online articles and blogs which talk about this subject and […]

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