Last chance to get it ‘write’ …

After carefully going through the galley proofs I received from my publisher I was amazed that I was still able to find some errors. After all, these were the final files which would be used for printing the book.

What surprised me was that even after being edited and proofread by professionals, and my having read the final copy at least half-a-dozen times, I was still able to find small […]

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Final edit received

Just received the final edit from Sarah and her report is encouraging as ever.

“What a good rewrite you’ve done! You have really tightened it up. The story is much more taut and pacy. Everything that was working well before is now allowed to shine. Your action is better than ever and the details of setting, especially in the jungle, is very good.”

But she also cautions me, “there are some issues to be resolved […]

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Getting there

Just received a progress report from Sarah who is editing my latest manuscript. She has completed about two thirds of the work and should have it ready by the end of next week the latest. Cannot wait! In the meantime I am working on preparing material for the website which is being developed by a friend of mine.