When I approached my friend and former business partner Iris Brinkman earlier this year to discuss ways of promoting the book I was writing, one of the things that she proposed was that I start a blog.

Never having been a blogger in my life, I took this as a challenge and have attempted to write down my thoughts as I went through the process of writing, rewriting and publishing Sacred Tears. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. How do you communicate with someone you have never spoken to and will probably never meet? And, you are writing to not just one person but to many.

All my life I have communicated with people I know. Either with someone whom I have met and had a relationship with or with a group of people who were interested in the product I was marketing or selling. So I approached blogging very much as I did when I started writing Sacred Tears. I would try and tell a story about the book and how I got it published.

Blogs are very personal and I didn’t know at first whether I wanted to inform, to educate or to entertain people reading my blog. Eventually I want to do all three but I certainly want to inform and educate as a start.

Then I thought about the blogs I visit and what I like about them and realised that if I liked the content, I usually wanted to know more about the blogger. What in the bloggers background gave him or her the experience to blog about a particular subject.

What always brought me back to that blog was the human element!  I hope I have been able to achieve that with my website and blog … that I am able to connect to the reader and that he or she will come back for more?