Sri Lankan roots & real life

Mihintale Sri Lanka

Entering Mihintale, Sri Lanka

Much of what I write about in my books is based on real events both in and outside of Sri Lanka. Although the story may be fiction, many of the settings and what the main characters experience are actual fact.

The pages in this section present the non-fiction background to Sacred Tears with information on the personal backstory, historical events and true stories from the field that I believe will help you connect more closely to the Sacred Tears trilogy of books.

Born a Christian and growing up in a predominantly Buddhist country has helped me understand its teachings of tolerance and personal peace. Working for the United Nations for over 12 years has helped me understand different cultures and ethnic groups. Travelling to over 40 countries has opened my eyes to the inequality found in this great world we live in.

I have experienced some of the events I write about in the books. I have talked to many people, including members of my own family, who were caught up in the events that led to the war in Sri Lanka. I believe books should do more than just tell stories. They should leave you mentally richer than when you started reading them. They will take you to unfamiliar places and times. They entertain as they inform. This is such a place. You’ll be amazed at what you will find!