The Sacred Tears Trilogy of Books

The Sacred Tears trilogy is a chronological series of three linked novels – Book 1:  Sacred Tears, Book 2:  The Sullen Hills and Book 3:  No More Tears which tell the story through the personal lives of two young Sri Lankan men, Sami and David. Set in the early 1980s, the narratives are a historical fiction that weaves a tale of these two young men fighting on either side of ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. One fights for his government and love, the other to survive and protect his family. Actual events have been woven into this gripping story providing insight into the tactics of guerrilla warfare and the dark side of human nature.

Set in both Lebanon and the author’s birthland of Sri Lanka, the story of the trilogy’s first and namesake book, Sacred Tears follows the recent ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, in a country rich in history, culture and natural beauty. It follows the lives of two young men – a Moor and a Burgher, the two smallest ethnic minorities in Sri Lanka – and the effect of the country’s civil war on their family and community. They convey the experience of growing up in a country that inexorably headed towards armed ethnic conflict.

The three connected books cover inter-ethnic relationships and religious issues found in a culturally mixed society that together shaped the lives of the community. The story comes to life through the eyes of the two men, who play roles on different sides of the conflict and take part in real events described in the books.

Sacred Tears book    SullenHillsNo More Tears book